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Parent and Student Testimonials


My daughter received ACT tutoring with Dymensions Education.  After working with her tutor, her score went from a 17 to a 21. I highly recommend them for test preparation and tutoring

— lisa p.

Thanks to the weekly tutoring from Dymensions Education, LLC, my daughter’s reading level has tremendously increased and she is being praised by her teachers. Thank you so much Dynette Davis. We truly appreciate your help and the support you provide on a weekly basis. Journee’s academic progress has been AMAZING!

— Phelon m.

We are so thankful for Dynette and the entire Dymensions Education team. Our daughter needed help with the ACT test and they were terrific getting her scores up.  She started with a 17 and after only 3 weeks of tutoring she got the 23 that she was shooting for.  I really appreciate their continued efforts.  

— Roz g.