Dymensions Education Foundation

The Dymensions Education Foundation is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization operating programs in the State of Texas that have an impact in education and career development.

our story

The Foundation will carry on the purposeful work of Dynette Davis, which supports college and career success. The Foundation’s initiatives focus on providing financial resources and programs that promote opportunity for the advancement of college and career success.

The Dymensions Education Foundation began as a dream to help families by providing support to students pursuing higher education degrees or pursing a trade.

Preparing future leaders is possible through collaboration between families and “the village”. Addressing financial need is a step into the direction of success.

our mission

Our mission is to create financial support opportunities for individuals and their families.

our goal

Our goal is to create initiatives that contribute to debt free education.

our vision

Our vision is to involve stakeholders in providing financial support to those pursing post-secondary education and training.

board of directors

The Dymensions Education Foundation’s Board of Directors governs the work of the Foundation. Our board maintains the Foundation’s purpose through its mission, vision, goals and budget.

Our board consists of parents, students and professionals that have a vested interest in the community.

The board formally meets three times each year, as well as between regular meetings on an “as need” basis.

make a donation

100% of every donation will be given to a qualifying scholarship recipient.